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Services to Help Your Restaurant Thrive

Welcome to the dynamic world of the restaurant industry, where evolution is constant, driven by changing competition, consumer preferences, and emerging technologies. Navigating these shifts is vital for the sustained success of your business. Over 100 restaurants across Ohio and the United States trust Rea & Associates for back-office solutions that let you focus on the front of the house. 

With 60 years of collective experience, our team specializes in addressing restaurant-specific challenges. We understand the importance of reliable financial management that guides decisions impacting your business. Consider elevating the efficiency of your accounting functions by exploring enhanced methods and processes for your staff, modernizing accounting software, or outsourcing tasks. 

Learn how Rea’s restaurant team can benefit your business: 

 Client Advisory Services (CAS):

CAS empowers you to reimagine your conventional back-office setup. Through tailored outsourced accounting services using cloud-based solutions, your dedicated CAS team steps into the role of a controller within your organization. Beyond handling transactions, you'll benefit from dependable advice and strategic insights aimed at enhancing your understanding of the company’s financial health, gaining momentum, and fostering a broader perspective for informed decision-making. 

HR Consulting Services:

Your workforce is the cornerstone of your success, and Rea’s HR consulting services are designed to assist your company in implementing initiatives and tools that prioritize your people while ensuring compliance with current legislation. 

When you work with Rea's HR consultants, you’ll receive support toward your employees’ total life cycle – from the hiring process to developing your employees into leaders, to exit management or retirement, and everything in between. 

Cybersecurity Measures:

In a fast-paced restaurant, a functioning network is just as important as a functioning kitchen. If your systems go down, you can’t send orders to the kitchen or take customer payments. Rea’s cybersecurity team can help streamline your IT processes and provide your business with highly stable and reliable systems with our proactive IT support that can help mitigate your cyber risk. 

Also, check out these additional services we provide for your restaurant:

For Ohio's restaurant owners, Rea & Associates simplifies financial matters. Let's connect and craft the next successful chapter in your restaurant's story.